(1) A College Convention at Vassar

A convention also called NSCon which is held at Vassar by the Non-Human Students' Organization (NSO, of No Such Organization, the Vassar club) which started in 2001 and is still running. It is usually held the week before Vassar's Spring Break.

Convention Dates GoHs
NonCon 1 March 2-4, 2001
NonCon 2 March 1-3, 2002
NonCon 13 February 21-23, 2014
NSCon 14 February 20-22, 2015

(2) An Obsolete Term

A gathering of fans, either at someone's home or in regular hotel convention space, during all or part of the Labor Day weekend, for those who cannot go to the Worldcon or NASFIC (for financial or other reasons) but who nonetheless feel restless about not meeting with other fans on Roscoe's birthday. The Noncon is simply declared and has no official recognition from the Worldcon or the NASFIC. Noncons are most likely to be held on the 'opposite' coast when a Worldcon or NASFIC is being held on either the Left or Right Coast, thus appealing to fans who cannot afford the cross-country trip.

A second variety of Noncon exists on a fairly regular basis – a July 4 weekend affair in LA when the Westercon is being held in some more exotic location, such as San Francisco, Seattle, Denver or even Boise.

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(3) A Convention in Edmonton

A convention held in Edmonton, AL, Canada.

Convention Dates GoHs
Noncon (CA) 1 October 7-9, 1978 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Grant Canfield
Noncon (CA) 2 November 9-11, 1979 Gordon R. Dickson, Eli Cohen
Noncon (CA) 3 October 10-12, 1980 Vonda McIntyre, Jim Young
Noncon (CA) 4 October 9-11, 1981 Larry Niven
Noncon (CA) 15 August 14-16, 1992 Robert Charles Wilson, Michael Skeet, Lorna Toolis, Tim Hammell, Cath Jackel, Dave Panchyck

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