(1) New Zealand NatCon 14

14th National Science Fiction Convention (of New Zealand) and 11th Australasian Science Fiction Media Convention, held 4-7 June 1993 at the St. George Hotel in Wellington, New Zealand.
Guests of Honour: Larry Niven, Julian May, D.C. Fontana, Dennis Skotak.

A convention report by Paul Rigby is included in issue 34 of Time Space Visualiser.

See also Australian Science Fiction Media Awards.

ShakyCon«« »»Silicon

(2) A Convention in San Diego

DefCon was a convention held at the University of California San Diego Price Center in San Diego, CA.

Convention Dates GoHs
DefCon I
DefCon II
DefCon III
DefCon IV May 18, 1991 Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Dr. Stephen Potts
DefCon V
DefCon VI May 7, 1994 Vernor Vinge
DefCon VII May 6, 1995 Harry Turtledove
DefCon VIII April 19-21, 1996 Robert L. Forward

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