New York in 1989

A bid to hold the 1989 Worldcon in New York City. It was run by Robert Sacks. Besides Sacks, the bid committee included Paul Birnbaum, Mark Blackman, Brian Burley, Fredrik Coulter, Robert Gerber, Marc Glasser, Jay Hutschnecker, and Mark W. Richards.

It lost to Boston in '89 in a site selection election held at the 1986 Worldcon in Atlanta. In spite of being a serious bid, the New York in '89 bid failed to file their paperwork on time and consequently did not appear on the site selection ballot. See 1989 Site Selection results.

The election was notable for being the first held with a 3-year lead time under the revised rotation plan. The last 2-year lead time election (which selected Nolacon II to be the 1988 Worldcon) was held simultaneously.

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