New Orleans in 2018

An unsuccessful bid to host the 2018 Worldcon in New Orleans, LA using the Hyatt Regency Hotel near the Superdome, defeated by San Jose in 2018.

Bid Committee:
Debi Chowdhury and Rebecca Smith (bid co-chairs])
Raymond Boudreau, and Mike Willmoth (proposed convention chairs)

The list of other bid committee members varies depending on which site or document consulted, but seems to also include:
Michael Guerber, Cordila (Colin) Murphy, Stu Segal, Rebecca Smith, Tom Veal, Warren Buff, Jessica Styons, Alex Latzko, Hannah Nash, Wendy Sheridan, Lin Daniel, Robbie Bourget, John Harold, Michael Guerber, Kendall Varnell, Brian Knight, Tracy Hopper-Riordan, and Sally Woehrle. (IA) Website Worldcon 2018