Minicon 4

Minicon 4 was held June 17-19, 1971 at the Curtis Hotel in Minneapolis. Guest of Honor: Lin Carter.

Chaired by Jim Young. Attendance was 150.

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The program:

All program items in the East Room unless otherwise noted.

  • Friday
  • noon: Set-up and registration desk opens
  • 1:30 P.M. Science Fiction radio plays (From Dimension X, and X-plus-1, circa 1951)
  • 6:30 Announcements, introductions
  • 7:00 Science Fiction Research Association Symposium: "Settings in Science Fiction;" panelists Virginia Carew, Dale Mullen, and Clifford Simak, moderated by Ivor Rogers
  • 8:10 Movies: Lost Horizon, and 21st Century films, Mars and Beyond, and Cities of the Future.
  • 9:30 Party Suite opens
  • Midnight: Auction (the first issue of Unknown, and a few other midnight items)
  • Saturday
  • 11:00 A.M. Art-show, Huckster's area, and registration desk open
  • 11:15 Star Trek slides — from bad to verse; presented by Ruth Berman
  • 11:30 Business Session of the Minn-Stf (Minnesota Science Fiction Society); Topics: Summer meetings, multimedia project, and the Picnic-con
  • Noon-1:00 P.M Lunch Break
  • Part One: "Creating Science Fiction Worlds" with Lin Carter and Clifford D. Simak
  • 3:00 The Science Fiction College Bowl
  • 4:00 Auction
  • 5:30 Autograph session with all the pros, in the lobby near the East Room
  • 5:30- 6:30 Break
  • 6:30 Banquet dinner is served IN THE CARDINAL ROOM
  • 8:00 Banquet Program: Art-show prizes awarded, Guest of Honor speech, and the production of HMS Trek-a-Star, all in the Cardinal room
  • 9:30 Movies in the East Room: Nosferatu, The Critic, and the 21st Century films, The Computer Revolution, parts I and II, Party suite opens once more
  • Sunday
  • 11:00 A.M. Art-show, Huckster's area. and registration desk open
  • 11:05 "Profile(s) of the Future" an attempt to predict our future by Ben Bova, Virginia Carew, Gordon Dickson, Earl Joseph, and Clifford Simak
  • Noon-1:00 P.M. Lunch break
  • 1:05 P.M. "Teaching Science Fiction — How and Why" with Allan Greenberg (Macalester College), Mary Merlin (Anoka Ramsey State College), and Dale Mullen (Indiana State University)
  • 2:00 Auction
  • 4:00 The Wrap-up Report: the financial state of the convention address, and a plea for suggestions on how to improve the convention
  • 6:00 Movies: Cyborg 2018, and the 21st Century films, Incredible Voyage, and At Home: 2001.