(1) A Fanzine by Bill Rotsler

A fanzine published by Bill Rotsler and distributed through FAPA and APA L. It was published by Rotsler from 1948 through 1965. After Rotsler's death, many prepared pages were found and it was continued using those pages by Bill Warren, with fifteen more issues through 2002.

Copies can be found at and at

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 1948 22
2 1948 34
4 1950 66
5 March 1950
5s March 1950 6 A supplement for #5
6 V2.1 August 1950 26
7 V2.2 195? 76
8 1954 22
9 V2.4 November 1953 18
10 195? 22
11 195? 40
13 1961 16
15 V3.1 Fall 1964 42
16 V3.2 1965 52 Final issue of original series.
Masque combined with Kteic Magazine 1983 26 Described inside as "Actually, it's just plain old Kteic Magazine in a 'clever plastic disguise.'"
The Last Masque 1997 Posthumous issues assembled by Greg Benford
1 April 2001 45 First of new posthumous series edited by Bill Warren
7 October 2001 46

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(2) A British Convention

Masque was a British costuming convention.

Convention Dates
Masque II March 5-7, 1993

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