List of Australian Small Presses

(This is a list of pages tagged both "australia" and "small_press".)

Affirm Press
Agog! Press
Altair Australia
Aphelion Publications
Aust Speculative Fiction
Australian Association for the Teaching of English
Australian Horror Writers Association
Black Beacon Books
Black Phoenix Publishing Collective
Blade Red Press
Breedles Publishing
Brimstone Press
Brolga Publishing
Celapene Press
Chimaera Publications
Christmas Press
Clan Destine Press
Coeur de Lion Publishing
Cohesion Press
Cory and Collins
Crime Factory Publications
CSFG Publishing
Dark Prints Press
Deeper Meanings Publishing
Dragonfall Press
Dreamstone Publishing
Ebony Books
Echo Publishing
Eidolon Books
Eidolon Publications
eMergent Publishing
Eneit Press
FableCroft Publishing
Ford Street Publishing
Fremantle Press
Futurian Press
Gestalt Publishing
Hague Publishing
Harbour Publishing House
Hookline Books
Horror Australis
IFWG Publishing
Inkerman & Blunt
Invisible Elephant Press
irrePRESSible Press
Jaffa Books
Kalamity Press
Kayelle Press
LegumeMan Books
MidnightSun Publishing
MirrorDanse Books
Mountain Mist Productions
Newport Street Books
Norstrilia Press
Northern Beaches Writers' Group
Odyssey Books
Oscillate Wildly Press
Pantera Press
Peggy Bright Books
Possible Press
P'rea Press
Pulp Fiction Press
Purple Toga Publications
Satalyte Publishing
Specul8 Publishing
Spinifex Press
Tasmaniac Publications
Text Publishing
The Coode Street Press
The Lifted Brow
The Mayne Press
Ticonderoga Publications
Tiny Owl Workshop
Townsville Speculative Fiction Group
Transit Lounge Publishing
Twelfth Planet Press
Vision Writers
Void Publications
Windy Hollow Books
Winterbourne Publishing
Wombat Books
Working Title Press