Leroy Kettle

(1949 —)

Leroy Richard Arthur Kettle, also known as Roy Kettle, is a British fan and author best known in fandom for his humorous writing in the heyday of London's Ratfandom. Although as a neofan he wrote for Audrey Walton's never-highly-regarded Wadezine, his true fannish debut was in Fouler, which he co-edited with Greg Pickersgill 1970-1972. Most of his best comic writing appeared in his personalzine True Rat, which ran for ten issues 1973-1978. He also contributed to Maya during Rob Jackson's editorship.

As a pro, Kettle has published sf/horror novels with John Brosnan under the pseudonyms Harry Adam Knight (HAK) and Simon Ian Childer (SIC), and an sf thriller in collaboration with Chris Evans.

One-off fanzines include the 1970s Egregious Guide to the Conventions, Letters We Have Not Received and Little-Read Stool Book, all with Greg Pickersgill.

True Rat: The Beast of Leroy Kettle (Ansible Editions, 2018) collects his best fanwriting of the 1970s and early 1980s, including the complete run of True Rat with a few minor deletions of material that no longer seemed funny in 2018.

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