Leigh Edmonds

Australian fan. Founder of ANZAPA. Recipient in 1969 of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club Achievement Award. One of the organizers of the Tenth Australian Science Fiction Convention (Australia's tenth natcon), held in 1971. First winner of DUFF in 1974. Winner in 1976 of Ditmar Award for Best Australian Fanzine. Australian administrator for GUFF in its first year, that year. Winner in 1984 of Ditmar Awards for Best Australian Fanzine and Best Australian Fanwriter. Winner in 1985 of Ditmar Award for Best Australian Fanwriter.

Fanzines: American Letters, Australia in '75, Boys' Own Fanzine, Bunchy Watches Fanzines, Fanew Sletter, Genuine Victorian Wicker Dunkle, Giant Wombo, iOTA, The Notional, Ornithopter, Rataplan, Thrusting Member


For some more information see article on Leigh Edmonds from Waycon '79 program book, as transcribed by Elaine Walker at history.sf.org.au.

A few photos can be found in issue 3 of iOTA.

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