Journal of the Royal Thaumaturgical Society

A fanzine published by Vicki Ann Heydron. The Club Magazine for the "Lord Darcy Magic and Mystery Club". The intent was that it was to be published bi-monthly, but only one issue appeared. Contributions by Gordon H. Adams, Randall Garrett (the author of the "Lord Darcy" stories), William G. Kelly, Laurence M. Janifer, Robert W. Burke, Sandie Morris, and the editor. Letter column includes short letters from Isaac Asimov and Robert Bloch, and a longer letter from Alison Harlow (wife of Randall Garrett)

A second issue, scheduled for late 1978, was intended to include a folk song of Lord Darcy's world by Randall Garrett and Alison Harlow; an article by Diana Paxson on costuming, and an advance order sheet from Tor for the upcoming Lord Darcy collection.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 August 1978 20 See contributors above. The club logo was based on art by Kelly Freas.