Jordin Kare

(1956 — July 19, 2017)

Jordin Kare was a physicist, fan and filker living on the West Coast and married to fellow fan Mary Kay Kare whom he met at Denvention Two. He was co-editor of the filk collections The Westerfilk Collection and Westerfilk II, and co-founder (with Teri Lee and Catherine Cook (now Macdonald)) of filk publisher Off Centaur Publications. He was the author of several well-known filksongs including Fire In The Sky, which won a Pegasus award for Best Classic Filksong in 2010. He was on the first three BayFilk committees.

He is also known in fandom as a "real rocket scientist," having worked in satellite and space system design for many years. He went to MIT as an undergraduate "because the hero of Robert Heinlein’s novel Have Spacesuit, Will Travel went to MIT." His first convention was Boskone 12 in 1975. He was a frequent convention panelist on space and science topics. His laser launch technology has featured in several SF books, including The Quiet Pools by Michael Kube-McDowell.

Jordin Kare also appears as a character in several SF books and series, primarily as a result of various charity auctions. He appears as an astrophysicist in War of Honor by David Weber, and he and Mary Kay, appear as themselves in The Callahan Touch by Spider Robinson.

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