John Schoenherr

(1935 — April 8, 2010)

John "Jack" Schoenherr was one of the outstanding artists ever to work in the sf field, his career in sf ran from the early 50s to the late 70s and he was a mainstay of Analog in the 60s and early 70s. See A John Schoenherr SF Checklist. A tour of a convention art show with "Jack & Jack" (Jack Gaughan and John Schonenherr) was a special treat.

He was nominated for the Best Professional Artist Hugo in 1962 through 1968 and 1972 through 1975, and won the 1965 Best Professional Artist Hugo.

He reported that he had started reading SF with the Jules Verne books in the 1940s.


Among his best known works were his covers for Analog that illustrated the serialization of “Dune World,” which became the novel Dune. Schoenherr’s illustrations were often influenced by his knowledge of zoology, and his love of nature, loves which, ironically, led him to a second career in wildlife art.

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