Jedi Heritage

An Australian fan film released in 2005.

First conceived in 1999, written in 2001 and finally filmed in 2004/2005
It was collectively filmed over 14 days, but took nearly a year to complete.
A choice was made to use primarily physical sets with a little CGI as possible.
Filmed in 5 different locations around Melbourne, Australia with a budget of $8,000.
Featuring an Original Music Score by Rich Johnson and original characters and costumes made just for the film.
Jedi Heritage doesn't rely on Lightsaber battles or flashy effects to get the story across.
Featuring one of the largest props made for a fan film at the time, a full size one man star fighter known to the crew as the DRAC.

Director Darren Maxwell
Producer Chris Brennan
Writer Chris Brennan
Starring George Ivanoff (Lt Looby), Chris Brennan (Tussew), Dave Dawkins (Colonel Brannett), Ramiro Fernandez (Wex), Jessica Hutchinsen (Jules). (IA) IMDb page