Jack Gaughan

(Sept 24, 1930 - July 21, 1985)

A very fannish US pro artist. While he is principally known as a professional, he had strong ties with fandom. His professional career started in the mid-50s and continued until his death, though at decreased levels during the last ten or so years of his life. He was prolific, both as a cover artist and for black-and-white interiors.

He was GoH at the 1969 Worldcon, St. Louiscon.

During his tenure as art editor of Galaxy, he actually did all of the illustration, many of the covers and most of the design that went into the magazine. He also did a great deal of work for for Ace and DAW books, and did the covers for the famous Ace edition of Lord of the Rings

He was a frequent and generous contributor to fanzines and had a regular column in Locus. Luis Ortiz did an artistic biography of him in Outermost -- The Art & Life of Jack Gaughan. In his memory, the New England Science Fiction Association presents the annual Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist. A tour of a convention art show with "Jack & Jack" (Jack Gaughan and John Schoenherr) was an outstanding treat for fans interested in sf art in the 60s and early 70s.

He is the only artist to have won Hugos for both Best Fan Artist and Best Professional Artist in the same year (1967). He won the following Hugos: the 1967 Best Professional Artist Hugo, the 1968 Best Professional Artist Hugo, the 1969 Best Professional Artist Hugo The 1967 Best Fan Artist Hugo and the 1951 Best Fan Artist Retro Hugo. He also was nominated for Best Professional Artist in 1963, 1965, 1966, 1970-1974, and for Best Fan Artist in 1968.

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