Jack Cohen

(19 September 1933 —)

Dr Jack Cohen is a British reproductive biologist also known for his science books and involvement with science fiction. His talks, with thought-provoking ideas always accompanied with cartoons became quite an institution at Eastercons.

He worked as a 'alien' consultant for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight books (it was struggle to justify phrases like "dawn rose over the planet") Larry Niven for Legacy of Heorot, Harry Harrison for the Eden books, James White for Sector General

Based in the Birmingham area, he worked at the university there, then at Warwick University with Ian Stewart, when they collaborated with Terry Pratchett on 4 Science of Discworld books. He chaired Novacon 4

Cohen is a member of the high IQ society Mensa and through the society persuaded Isaac Asimov to visit the United Kingdom in 1974.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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