ISFiC Writers Contest

A writers contest sponsored by ISFiC and held in conjunction with Windycon since 1986, although there are many years when no winner has been declared. The contest is open to unpublished authors who live in Illinois, an adjacent state plus Michigan or Ohio, or is a member of Windycon.

For many years, the prize included a membership in Windycon, a hotel room at the convention, publication in the con's program book, and a gold coin, although the latter has more recently been replaced with a cash prize.

The contest is judged by various authors and editors, who have included Elizabeth Anne Hull, Martin H. Greenberg, Bill Fawcett, Jody Lynn Nye, John Helfers, Roland Green, Algis Budrys, and Frederik Pohl among others.

Winners include

2016: Siobhan Duffy, "The Furrier"
2015: M. Aruguete, "Catamount"
2014: Siobhan Duffy, "Under the Hill"
2013: Liz A. Vogel, for "Windy van Hooten's Was Never Like This"
2012: No Award
2011: Mary Mascari, for “The Pod”
2010: Mary Mascari, for “Lost and Found”
2009: John M. Cowan, for “Oracle”
2008: No Award
2007: Joe McCauley, for “Ivan and the Plate of Fried Chicken”
2006: P.R. Gomez, for “Ad Alienos”
2005: No Award
2004: Chris Krolczyk, for “Orbital One”
2003: John D. Nikitow, for “Trueworth”
2002: No Award
2001: No Award
2000: No Award
1999: Sharon L. Nelson, for “Passing Through”
1998: Susan L. Wachowski, for “Grandpa”
1997: David W. Crawford, for “Little Girl Lost”
1996: C.T. Fluhr, for “All Through the House”
1995: William McMahon, for “In Memoriam”
1994: Emmett Gard Pittman, for “Packers”
1993: C.T. Fluhr, for “Dead Chute”
1992: Sheila Insley, for “Make-Up Magic”
1991: Vanessa Crouther, for “Soul to Take”
1990: Robin Leigh Michaels, for “Ailin's Castle”
1989: No Award
1988: Richard Chwedyk, for “A Man Makes a Machine” (This story was later published in Amazing Stories).
1987: Eugenia M. Hayden, for “The Library”
1986: Richard Chwedyk, for “Getting Along with Larga”