(1) An Eastercon

Eastercon 48, Intervention, was held in Liverpool during Easter, 1997. The GoHs were Brian Aldiss, Jon Bing, Octavia Butler, and Dave Langford. The committee were John Bark, Janet Barron, Keith Coslett, Andy Croft, Steve Green, Geoff Hill, Heidi Lyshol, Pat McMurray, Val Phillips, Phil Plumbly, John Richards, Anne-Marie Wright, and Pete Wright.

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(2) A Convention in Salt Lake City

Intervention was a convention held in Salt Lake City, UT.

Convention Dates GoHs
Intervention 1 November 2-5, 1979 Robert Silverberg, Damon Knight, Kate Wilhelm, Don C. Thompson
Intervention Beta September 26-28, 1980 Marion Zimmer Bradley, Victoria Poyser
Intervention Gamma November 6-8, 1981 C. J. Cherryh, Larry Niven, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Paula Crist, Frank Denton

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