International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

(Are you looking for the Australian convention Swancon?)

The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts is a very academic convention held annually in Florida which, in its early days, was also known as Swanncon after Thomas Burnett Swann. While each convention has its own guests of honor, Brian Aldiss is a "Perennial Special Guest".

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Convention Dates GoHs
ICFA 3 March 10-13, 1982 Fritz Leiber, Samuel R. Delany, Richard Ellman
ICFA 4 March 24-27, 1983
ICFA 13 March 25-29, 1992 Philip Jose Farmer
ICFA 14 March 17-21, 1993 Ursula K. Le Guin
ICFA 1998 March 18-21, 1998 Peter Straub, Lois McMaster Bujold, Brian Aldiss
ICFA 36 March 18-22, 2015 James Morrow, Joan Slonczewski, Colin Milburn
ICFA 37 March 16-20, 2016 Teri Windling, Holly Black, Cristina Bacchilega
ICFA 38 March 22-26, 2017 Steven Erikson, N.K. Jemisin, Edward James

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