Roger Weddall

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(1956 - 3 Dec 1992)

For the 1978 Australian Natcon, Unicon IV, Roger invited more than one international guest, on the theory that only one would accept. Both Brian Aldiss and Roger Zelazny accepted.

Roger Weddall edited fanzines called Lhyfe, and Thyme. He and co-editor Peter Burns won the 1987 Ditmar Award for Best (Australian) Fanzine for Thyme.

He won FFANZ in 1986 and DUFF in 1992.

In 1991 a Ditmar Award for Best Fannish Cat was won by Roger's cat Typo. He was an agent for the Britain in '87 Worldcon bid.

There was a Roger Weddall Memorial Picnic on January 23rd 1994 in the Botanic Gardens. Another was organized the following year.

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