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Rich brown
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(July 1, 1942--July 6, 2006)

a.k.a. Dr. Gafia, brown was a long-time fanzine fan. He was an active fanzine reviewer and maintained a dictionary of fannish terms, Dr. Gafia's Fan Terms (IA), which is one of the sources used to create Fancyclopedia 3. In the 60s, he founded, with Arnie Katz, the Brooklyn Insurgents, a fanzine club. He was a member of The Cult.

In mid December of 2001 Dr. Gafia's Fan Terms was added to Fanac. In late July of 2005 rich arranged to edit his work on-line and he continued this process, sort of a poor man's Wiki, until just before his death, the last update was made on May 13, 2006.

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Also involved with: 1985 DUFF Race - Cry of the Nameless - Fanhistorica - Past President of the Fan Writers of America - Science-Fiction Five-Yearly - The Golden Halls of Mirth - Trap Door - Tropicon VII - Westercon 18
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