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Leah Zeldes Smith (pronounced LAY-uh ZEL-dəs) is a longtime SF fan, based in Chicago and Milwaukee. She entered fandom in 1973 as a teenager in Detroit, where she belonged to the W3F, and went to school in Ann Arbor, where she was active in the Stilyagi Air Corps. Upon moving to Chicago in 1985, she became a regular at Thursday. She served on the board of directors of the N3F, SFOHA, AASFA and FEN.

As SF writer Leah A. Zeldes, she is the author of a handful of short stories, published in anthologies.

From the 1970s through the ’80s, she was an avid letterhack and apahack, and occasional poet and fanartist, as well as a frequent con goer. Apae included APA-50, MISHAP (OE and co-founder), AZAPA, RAPS, ApaCorps, FLAP, ANZAPA, The Secret Garden, FHAPA and Milwapa.

In the 1990s, she edited STET, a thrice Hugo-nominated fanzine. She has produced a variety of other zines, including several clubzines, numerous convention progress reports and program books, innumerable apazines and, with Larry Tucker, the perzine Insufficient Funds. She also contributed extensively to the later issues of Uncle Dick's and edited the fanthology Contact! She first earned her faned cred in her teens with Imp and as editor of the Omekronicle, the clubzine of the Oak Park High School Science Fiction Club.

She has been involved in running numerous conventions, including Wondaycon, AutoClave, ConFusion, Ditto and several Chicons and other Worldcons, as well as Detcon1. She co-chaired Operacon in March 2015 and published Flavor Forecast as a progress report for it. She is one of the Ditto Masters. She made endless pots of chili as a bidder for The First Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention and Chili Cook-off and became a member of FACT.

A fanhistorian, she attended the first FanHistoriCon and became a charter member of the Timebinders. She co-chaired FanHistoriCons 3 and 11. Much of her fannish lexicon written for STET 9 has been incorporated into Fancyclopedia 3, including many post-Eney terms.

In 1993, she and her husband, Dick Smith, won the Down Under Fan Fund, and traveled as delegates to the Australian National Science Fiction Convention in Perth as well as visiting fans across Australia. Subsequently, they were the North American agents for the Australia in 1999 Worldcon bid.

She met Dick at a con neither of them can remember. After several years of a long-distance relationship, involving much correspondence, hideous long-distance bills, lots of bus, train and car travel — including one wreck — they married in 1985.

In mundane life, she was a journalist — becoming managing editor for a chain of Chicago newspapers — and a freelance reporter and professional blogger, particularly covering Chicago's food and live entertainment scenes. She credits early fanwriting practice as helping her attain her professional writing skills. She was also the blogmaster behind Frederik Pohl's "The Way the Future Blogs." An avid and eclectic reader, she has written hundreds of reviews of old, out-of-copyright books of all genres.

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