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(December 27, 1917 -- February 15, 2008)

British fan, huckster, and reviewer. He played a major role in restarting British fandom after the war, helped to found the SFS which organized the 1949 Eastercon. He created Operation Fantast to get around British post-WW II import and currency restrictions, which later turned into the bookseller Fantast (Medway) Ltd. He was married to Joyce Slater.

He was FGoH at Conspiracy '87 (along with his wife, Joyce).

He helped to found TAFF, was a member of First Fandom, and was on the Loncon I committee. His first convention was first Eastercon, Whitcon in 1948. He was the regular reviewer for Nebula from 1953-1959, writing the column "Something to Read" and was a founding member (#6) of the BSFA in 1958. He helped designed the Tucker Hotel, and was a Knight of St. Fantony. He was editor of Vector for two issues. He was on the Yarcon and Bullcon committees. He was a member of the British Fantasy Library, N3F.

Fanzines and Apazines: He was a member of OMPA for which he wrote

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved with: 1986 TAFF Results - BFS/BFL - Chuck Harris - Doreen Parker Rogers - Eastcon - Easter Wine - GAFMOI! - It's Tycho's Floor in '54 - Nebula - Tony Thorne
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