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* 2017 -- [[LibertyCon 30]]
* 2017 -- [[LibertyCon 30]]
{{person | website=http://www.johnringo.net | start=1963}}
{{person | website=http://www.johnringo.net | born=1963}}

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(1963 --)

John Ringo is an American SF and military fiction author who has had several New York Times best sellers. His books range from straightforward SF to a mix of military and political thrillers.

To date, he has over three million copies of his books in print, and his works have been translated into several different languages.

He is probably best known for his Black Tide Rising series, which consists of Under a Graveyard Sky (2013), To Sail a Darkling Sea (2014), Islands of Rage and Hope (2014), Strands of Sorrow (2015), and Black Tide Rising (2016).

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