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Things for Mark to do Mediawiki (where we are now) is a wiki and so is Wikidot (where we used to be). There's a lot in common, but there's a lot minor differences in how you do things. Don't let this bother you! Feel free to use the markup if you're comfortable with it, but also feel free to just add text -- we'll fix up the formatting.

Here's the official guide: Mediawiki editing guide

We have standards for the content of pages, and here's a short guide to the important differences for people familiar with Wikidot:


Links are indicated by two square brackets rather than three: [[Noreascon Three]], rather than [[[Noreascon Three]]]

Unlike in Wikidot, page names in Mediawiki are case sensitive after the first letter when used in links. So in wikidot, you could get away with [[[noreascon three]]], but in Mediawiki, you must capitalize the link correctly (except for the first character!): [[Noreascon Three]] (This is likely to be the most annoying difference between the two systems.)


We use mediawiki templates to collect structured data. For example Template:Person or Template:Convention which should be included with {{person | born=????}} or {{convention}}. The template pages give documentation on the arguments, all of which are optional, though you might get nag messages if obvious things, like the year of a convention, are missed. See Templates for a complete list. Every pages should use one master template.


For tables, don't use the Mediawiki standard tables, use the SimpleTable extension with a '||' separator between columns. There are basically three changes: First, the table must be delimited by <tab>, secondly, "||" only separates the columns. You don't put them at the beginning or end of a row,and thirdly, there's some fancy frosting needed to put a header row on the table. So:

<tab head=top collapse=true>
Header 1||Header 2||Header 3
Field 4||Field 5||Field 6
Field 7||Field 8||Field 9

or, for a headerless table:

Field 1||Field 2||Field 3
Field 4||Field 5||Field 6
Field 7||Field 8||Field 9

Other Markup[edit]

If you are familiar with wikidot syntax, the mapping to mediawiki is as follows

++ heading to == heading
+++ heading to === heading
**bold** to '''bold'''
//italic// to ''italic''
[[[page|text]]] to [[page|text]]
[[include stub]] to {{stub}}
[[module Redirect destination="target"]] to #REDIRECT [[target]]

External Links[edit]

For external links, don't use the standard Mediawiki syntax, but use our special template which will also give access to the page on the Internet Archive, in case it gets deleted.

{{link | website= | text=TAFF}}
{{link | website= | text=TAFF | capture=2019}}

Attached Files[edit]

If you have files to upload, tell the Administrators.


The mediawiki term for tags is categories. See the Categories pages for how use categories