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Fancyclopedia 2 was written by Dick Eney in the late 50s based on Fancyclopedia 1 written by Jack Speer. The entire contents of Fancy 2 has been added to Fancyclopedia 3, and the pages are categorized as Category:fancy2.

With thanks for the advice and assistance of
=== Redd Boggs, Chick Derry, Bill Evans, Dean Grennell, Bob Pavlat, Art Rapp, Bob Tucker, and Walt Willis===

Martin Alger, Karen Anderson, Bob Bloch, Wrai Ballard, Charles Burbee, Elinor Busby, Terry Carr,  George Charters, Howard DeVore, Ron Ellik, Dick Ellington, "Inchmery Fandom", Dick Geis, Chuck Harris, Damon Knight, Boyd Raeburn, John Roles, Bill Rotsler, Larry Shaw, Rick Sneary, Larry Stark, Ted White, Stan Woolston, and J&dYoung
=== Based on the Work of Jack Speer===

Preface to the Initial Edition of Fancyclopedia II (1959)

1978 Second Edition[edit]

Fancy 2 was re-issued in 1978 by Mirage Press in an edition of 475 paper-bound copies. It was a photocopy of the original edition with an introduction by Jack Chalker. There was also an edition of 20 copies in hardcover.


1998 Web Edition[edit]

Preface to the Web Edition of Fancyclopedia II (1998)

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