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(August 29, 1942 - October 4, 2017)

Dian Girard Pelz Crayne, who also published as J. D. Crayne, was an LA area fan, and a member of LASFS and, formerly, of Future Unbounded. For a time she was known in fandom as Sadista from a cartoon image of herself she used in fanzines.

She published The Game of Fandom in 1964. She late published Murder at the Worldcon. In 1965, while celebrating Halloween at a LASFS party, Dian (then Dian Pelz), was hit by debris after someone fired shots near the building.

She was married to fellow fans Bruce Pelz (1964-70) the divorce was amicable -- they even threw a divorce party which inspired Larry Niven's "What Can You Say about Chocolate-Covered Manhole Covers?" In 1972 she married fan Chuck Crayne whop died in 2009. She was discovered dead on October 4, 2017 by police making a welfare check at the request of friends after she failed to show up for their book club meeting, but her exact date of death is uncertain.

Her fanzines included Yezidee.

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