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Bob Ogden is an Australian fan. He was WASFA President 1976-79; founder member "Federation Outpost Colonies"; UNISFA (WA Uni); awarded honorary Life Membership to F.O.C. for services to WA Fandom. Honorable member, "INSANE SCIENCE FICTION ADDICTS" (an all female club). He ran for DUFF in 1980.

Coordinator Swancon II, Swancon III and Waycon '79 (Swancon IV). Attended two Eastern state's cons: A-CON 7 and Unicon IV, Second Member of Vegemite Fandom, "Dictator of publicity" for the Perth in '80 bid.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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Also involved with: Swancon 7 - Western Australian Science Fiction Association
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