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The Australian National Science Fiction Convention, started in 1952 regularly presents the Ditmar Awards.

It also holds a Business Meeting at which, nowadays, bids are presented to host the Australian Natcon two years onward.

National Media Conventions[edit]

In some years there was a separate Australian National Media Convention. Australian Media Natcons used to present the Australian Science Fiction Media Awards. In 1983, Conquest '83, in Brisbane, was the first media natcon. In 1984, Medtrek '84, in Sydney, was the Australian National SF Media Convention for that year. In 1985, Con Amore, in Brisbane was the National Media Convention. In 1986, Galactic Tours Convention, in Melbourne was the Australian National Media Convention. In 1987, Eccentricon, held at Hawkesbury Agricultural College in Richmond NSW, was the 5th National S.F. Media Convention. In 1989, Conspire, in Canberra, was the Australasian SF Media Convention. In 1993, the New Zealand Natcon, DefCon, was the Australasian Media Natcon.


There was a joke bid, by Jerry Kaufman and Clifford R. Wind, for the 1985 Australian Natcon to be held in Seattle (U.S.A.). It won.

SpawnCon Two[edit]

In 1999, when Australia hosted the 57th Worldcon, Aussiecon 3, the Australian Natcon was SpawnCon Two.

Dudcon III[edit]

In 2010, when Australia hosted the 68th Worldcon, Aussiecon 4, the Australian Natcon was Dudcon III.

List of Australian Natcons[edit]

No. Date Convention Location Guests of Honour
1 22 Mar 1952 First Australian Science Fiction Convention Sydney (G.U.O.O.F. Hall) (none)
2 1-3 May 1953 Second Australian Science Fiction Convention Sydney (G.U.O.O.F. Hall (Saturday) and Sydney Bridge Club (Sunday)) (none)
3 17-18 Apr 1954 Third Australian Science Fiction Convention Sydney (Federation Hall) (none)
4 18-20 Mar 1955 Fourth Australian Science Fiction Convention Sydney (Dunbar House, Watson's Bay) Arthur C. Clarke
5 8-9 Dec 1956 Olympicon Melbourne (Richmond Town Hall) Frank Bryning
6 5-6 Apr 1958 Sixth Australian Science Fiction Convention Melbourne (Richmond Town Hall) (none)
7 Easter 1966 Seventh Australian Science Fiction Convention Melbourne (MSFC) (none)
8 4-6 Apr 1969 Eighth Australian Science Fiction Convention Melbourne (MSFC and Capri Theatre, Murrumbeena) Lee Harding and (fan) John Foyster
9 27-30 Mar 1970 Ninth Australian Science Fiction Convention Melbourne (Capri Theatre, Murrumbeena, and MSFC) (none)
10 1-2 Jan 1971 Tenth Australian Science Fiction Convention Melbourne (University of Melbourne) (fan) Robin Johnson
11 11-13 Aug 1972 Syncon 2 Sydney (Squire Motor Inn, Bondi Junction) Lesleigh Luttrell
12 17-19 Aug 1973 Advention 2 Adelaide (Lincoln College, University of Adelaide) John Foyster
13 16-18 Aug 1974 Ozcon Melbourne (Victoria Hotel) Merv Binns and (fan) John Bangsund
14 24-27 Jan 1975 Syncon '75 Sydney (Macquarie University) (none)
15 13-15 Aug 1976 Bofcon Melbourne (Noah's Palmlake Motor Inn) (none)
16 29-31 July 1977 A-Con 7 Adelaide (St. Vincent Hotel, Glenelg) Bill Rotsler
17 24-27 Mar 1978 Unicon IV Melbourne (Melbourne Town House) Brian Aldiss, Roger Zelazny
18 10-13 Aug 1979 Syncon '79 Sydney (New Crest Hotel, King's Cross) Gordon R. Dickson, Ken Fletcher, Linda Lounsbury, Kouichi Yamamoto
19 15-18 Aug 1980 Swancon 5 Perth (Park Towers Hotel) Anne McCaffrey, Shayne McCormack, Grant Stone
20 6-8 June 1981 Advention '81 Adelaide (Oberoi Hotel) Frank Herbert, John Ossian (John Foyster), K. U. F. Widdershins (John Foyster)
21 9-12 Apr 1982 Tschaicon Melbourne (Melbourne Town House) Jack Vance, Leanne Frahm, Eric Lindsay
22 10-13 June 1983 Syncon '83 Sydney (Shore Inn) Harlan Ellison, Van Ikin
23 20-23 Apr 1984 Eureka!con Melbourne (Victoria Hotel) George Turner
24 5-8 Apr 1985 Advention '85 Adelaide (The Townhouse Adelaide) Lee Harding
25 28-31 Mar 1986 Swancon XI Perth (Miss Maud Hotel) C. J. Cherryh, Jack Herman
26 24-27 Apr 1987 Capcon Canberra (Canberra Parkroyal Hotel) Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, and (fan) John Newman
27 10-13 June 1988 Conviction (Syncon '88) Sydney (Shore Motor Inn, Artamon) Spider Robinson, Jeanne Robinson, Carey Handfield
28 23-27 Mar 1989 Swancon 14 Perth (The King's Ambassador Hotel) John Varley and (fan) Paul J. Stevens
29 13-16 Apr 1990 Danse Macabre Melbourne (The Diplomat Motor Inn) George R. R. Martin, Eric Lindsay
30 29 Mar - 1 Apr 1991 SunCon Brisbane (Brisbane Gateway Hotel) Patrick Tilley, Harlan Ellison (absent), Leigh Edmonds
31 17-20 Apr 1992 Syncon '92 Sydney (Shore Motor Inn, Artamon) Michael Whelan, Nick Stathopoulos
32 8-12 Apr 1993 Swancon 18 Perth (The Ascot Inn) Terry Pratchett and (fan) Craig Hilton
33 1-4 Apr 1994 Constantinople Melbourne (Southern Cross Hotel) William Gibson, and (fans) Bruce Gillespie, and Bean & Medge
34 9-12 June 1995 Thylacon Hobart (Hadley's Hotel) Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Nicholls, Grant Stone
35 4-8 Apr 1996 Festival of the Imagination 1996 Perth (King's Perth Hotel) Storm Constantine, Neil Gaiman
36 27-28 Sept 1997 Basicon 2 Melbourne (YWCA Cato Conference Centre) (no one or everyone)
37 5-8 June 1998 Thylacon 2 Hobart (Hadley's Hotel) George R. R. Martin, Leanne Frahm
38 2-6 Sept 1999 SpawnCon Two Melbourne (Melbourne Convention Centre) (none)
39 20-24 Apr 2000 Swancon 2000 (Swancon 25) Perth (Ascott Inn) Connie Willis, Robin Hobb, Garth Nix, Ian Nichols
40 12-16 Apr 2001 Swancon 2001: Masquerade Perth (The Rydges Hotel Perth) Robert Silverberg, Karen Haber, Rosaleen Love, Marilyn Pride, Lewis Morley, Kate Orman, Sue Ackermann
41 7-10 June 2002 Convergence 2002 Melbourne (Cato Conference Centre) Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, Lucy Sussex, Sean Williams, and (fan) Race Mathews
42 17-21 Apr 2003 Swancon 2003 Perth (Kings Perth Hotel) Lynn Flewelling, Tony Shillitoe, Fiona McIntosh, and (fan) Justin Ackroyd
43 23-26 Apr 2004 Conflux Canberra (Rydges Lakeside) Greg Benford, Sean McMullen, and (fan) Karen Herkes
44 10-13 June 2005 Thylacon 2005 (Thylacon IV) Hobart (Wrest Point Hotel) Anne Bishop, Marianne de Pierres, and (fan) Merv Binns
45 14-17 Apr 2006 Conjure Brisbane (Mercure Hotel Brisbane) Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling, Sean Williams, Jonathan Strahan, and (fan) Erika Maria Lacey
46 8–11 June 2007 Convergence 2 Melbourne (Cato Conference Centre) Isobelle Carmody, Fred Gallagher, Dave Freer, and (fan) Cath Ortlieb
47 20–24 Mar 2008 State of the Art: Swancon 2008 Perth (All Seasons) Ken Macleod, Rob Shearman, Glenda Larke, and (fan) Zara Baxter
48 5–8 June 2009 Conjecture Adelaide (Holiday Inn Adelaide) Julie E. Czerneda, and (fans) Steve Scholz & Catherine Scholz
49 2–6 Sept 2010 Dudcon III Melbourne (Melbourne Convention & Entertainment Centre) Peter Watts, Helen Merrick, and (fan) Jacob Blake
50 21–25 Apr 2011 Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty Perth (Hyatt Regency Perth) Ellen Datlow, Justina Robson, Sean Williams, and (fan) Sarah Xu
51 8-11 June 2012 Continuum 8: Craftonomicon Melbourne (Rydges on Swanston) Kelly Link, Alison Goodman, and (fan) Sue Ann Barber
52 25-28 Apr 2013 Conflux 9 Canberra (Rydges Capital Hill) Nalo Hopkinson, Marc Gascoigne, Karen Miller, and (fan) Rose Mitchell
53 6-9 June 2014 Continuum X: Carnival of Lost Souls Melbourne (InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto) Jim C. Hines, Ambelin Kwaymullina, and (fans) Danny Oz & Sharon Moseley
54 2-6 Apr 2015 Swancon 40 Perth (Pan Pacific Perth) John Scalzi, Kylie Chan, and (fan) Anthony Peacey
55 25-28 Mar 2016 Contact2016 Brisbane (Hotel Jen Brisbane) Ben Aaronovitch, Keri Arthur, Maria Lewis and (fans) Jill Pantozzi and Kirilee Barker
56 9-12 June 2017 Continuum 13: Triskaidekaphilia Melbourne (Jasper Hotel) Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant and Likhain, DUFF Delegate: Paul Weimer
57 29 Mar - 2 Apr 2018 Swancon 2018 Perth (Pan Pacific) Kameron Hurley, Ryan Griffen, Emily Smith, Foz Meadows, and (fan) Barb de la Hunty
58 7-10 June 2019 Continuum 15: Other Worlds Melbourne (Jasper Hotel) Kate Elliott, Ken Liu
59 Swancon 2020 Perth

Much of the information for this page has been obtained from the Convergence 2 website, which updated a list compiled by Marc Ortlieb, and (more recently) from a (less recent) list provided by Marc Ortlieb in the Aussiecon Three Souvenir Book.

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