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The 1968 Open ESFA was held March 3, 1968 at the YW-YWCA in Newark, NJ. Murray Leinster was GoH. Attendance was 105.

Lin Carter gave a talk centered on the career of Robert E. Howard. Sam Moskowitz gave a talk on the career of Murray Leinster who was present to accept a plaque from ESFA in his honor. He gave a autobiographical speech, mentioning that he had adopted his pen name in 1915, when he (Will F. Jenkins) was 17 years old and the editor of a pulp magazine he was selling stories to recognized his talent, and had advised him not to use his real name on stories he sold to pulps, to avoid cheapening it; eventually 'Murray Leinster' became so well-known that it was more valuable than his real name.

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