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March IF magazine launched
March 22 First Australian Science Fiction Convention (i.e., first Australian Natcon) held in Sydney
April 1 Invention (hoax convention)
April 1 North Shore Futurian Society officially formed
Whitsun London SF Con (Eastercon)
May First issue of Hyphen by Walt Willis and Chuck Harris
May 9 First official meeting of the Melbourne Science Fiction Group, now known as the Melbourne Science Fiction Club
June Planet Stories ceases publication
August 28 First meeting of the Medway Science and Fantasy Club
August Nebula started
August 30 - September 1 Chicon II AKA TASFIC (Worldcon)
August 30 - September 1 Walt Willis at Chicon II courtesy of the WAW With the Crew in '52 fan fund.
Ghoodminton invented
Bob Tucker proposes the Tucker Hotel
Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1926-1950 published by Donald B. Day

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