Ian Sorensen

Ian Sorensen is a fan living in Scotland who found fandom in 1980. He is a fan editor, Conrunner, and musician and a teacher in mundane life.

He was on the convention committees of Conspiracy 87 (UK Worldcon) Board; Albacon II/Eastercon 34 (1983), Albacon III/Eastercon 37 (1986), Speculation/Eastercon 42 (1991); Faircon 81, 82; Albacon 84, 85, 91, and chaired Clonespiracy in 1988 and Corflu 15 in 1998. He published International Conspiracy Journal and Conrunner.

His fanzine include Bob, Conrunner, International Conspiracy Journal, Mince, No Previous Convictions, Snapshot, Whistleberry.

He is perhaps best known for perpetrating many fannish musicals and fannish plays, some through Reductio Ad Absurdum Productions, including:

Awards, Honors and GoHships: