Harry Bell


British fan and fan artist, who found fandom in 1965, learning about it from John Barfoot, a fan who was a co-worker of his at the Department of Health and Social Security in Newcastle. His first convention was Yarcon, the 1966 Eastercon. He became known as one of fandom's top artists.

He was nominated for the 1979 Best Fan Artist Hugo.

His first fanzine contribution was a cover for Barfoot's fanzine, Bumblie that was part of a PADS apa mailing in 1965. His first fanzine was Grimwab, also an apazine for PADS. He also published //More Beans with Ian Williams.

He gafiated after Thirdmancon because he couldn't find the kind of old-style fanzine fandom he liked in Britain, but returned to fandom in the 70s. He also published the fanzines The Grimling Bosch, Tocsin / Kamikaze, and Out of the Blue.

A collection of his fan art, Bellissimo! The Harry Bell Fan Art Anthology was published to raise funds for the Get Harry! fund to bring him to Corflu Quire.

He won the 1971-1972 Checkpoint Fan Poll for Best Fan Artist and the 1977 FAAN Award for Best Fan Artist — Humor.

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