Geri Sullivan

(b. 1954)

Minneapolis fan now living in Central Massachusetts (one of Minneapolis's more distant suburbs.) Active in the Minn-stf (where she has been both President and on the Board), conventions, and fanzines: "mostly, I like to throw parties". Post-supporting chair of the Minneapolis in '73 Worldcon bid since 1984. She got involved in fandom in 1979 by meeting Emma Bull at a mundane party and talking for six hours.

She won the 2007 Best Fanzine Hugo with Science-Fiction Five-Yearly also ed. by Lee Hoffman and Randy Byers.

She has been on many committees included a dozen or more Minicons (chairing Minicon 35) and Boskones, many Worldcons, ReinCONation 2-6, Not-A-ReinCONation, D-cons and Not-A-D-Cons, Corflu 6, 1993 World Fantasy Convention. She chaired Smofcon 25 and was a Rotsler Award judge 1998-2003.

Her fanzines include Idea, Beyond the Enchanted Duplicator...To the Enchanted Convention (by Walt Willis and James White), Science Fiction Five Yearly #9-. One-shots include Dare to be Stupid, The Story of George, No Goat's Toe #1-3, No Goat's Kneecap, BaggieCon program books, CHARRISMAMA, Small and Far Away, gfs, From Mist to Missed, 2005 ConFusion One-Shot, and Roscoe Honor Roll. Her APAs include MINNEAPA and STIPPLEAPA.

Special projects include: Minn-stf Historical Party, Wimpy Zone Fan Fund, Mystery Fan Fund, Harris Fund.

Awards, Honors and GoHships:

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