The Fan Writers of America, a spoof on the SFWA. It began at Worldcons but eventually settled in as a mainstay at the Corflu banquet every year, where the past president of the fwa is elected, i.e., the president for the year just past. The past presidents simply bask in egoboo without the need of expending effort on pointless tasks, like trying to get the fwa organized. For purposes of fannish inclusiveness (and perhaps American imperialism), with regard to fwa, “America” is defined as “the entire world.” Indeed; some U.K. fen have been elected fwa past president. You join fwa the same way you join fandom or become a trufan: If you do fan writing and think you could be a member of the fwa, then you are a member. It's that simple.

See also FWUK.

Contributors: Dr. Gafia