Future Science Fiction

(1) A US Prozine

This SF magazine was famous for its title changes. Future Fiction began with a November, 1939, issue and lasted until August, 1941. Then the title became Future combined with Science Fiction, and was published from October, 1941, until August, 1942. Future Fantasy and Science Fiction, the next title, ran from October, 1942, until February, 1943. In 1943 the magazine underwent still another name change and became Science Fiction Stories. The magazine then ceased publication for seven years.

A second series began with a May/June, 1950, issue titled Future combined with Science Fiction Stories. In 1952 the title became Future Science Fiction Stories; in July, the title reverted to Future Science Fiction. The name then changed again to Science Fiction Stories, but Future Science Fiction was revived in 1955, and this name remained until April, 1960, when the magazine ceased publication. The total run for all the titles was 65 issues.

The editors were Charles D. Hornig (1939-1940) and Robert W. Lowndes (1941-1960). When Lowndes became editor, his fellow Futurians began to fill the pages of the magazine, under their own names and various pseudonyms. Hannes Bok had both his art and fiction in the magazine during this period.

In the early 1950s, L. Sprague de Camp contributed a series of non-fiction articles. In the late 1950s, Isaac Asimov contributed his "Point of View" series.

Genre critics consider the 1941-1942 and 1950-1953 periods to be the magazines' best.

(2) An Australian Prozine

There was also an Australian magazine titled Future Science Fiction (1953-1955).