(1) A Kind of Convention

A convention focused around filking.

(2) The First of Them

The first FilkCon was held in 1979 near Chicago, probably at the Arlington Park Hilton. It was the first filk convention and was organized by Margaret Middleton and Curt Clemmer with help from the Passovoys.

For a time, filk conventions were so rare that they were all listed as "FilkCon N" even though they were under entirely different managements. Several of the FilkCons became the first convention of a major series of filk conventions.

Convention Date Notes
FilkCon I July 1979
FilkCon II August 1980 GoH was Marty Burke
FilkCon III June 5-7, 1981 GoHs were Buck Coulson and Juanita Coulson
FilkCon 4.1 March 1982 This was the first Bay Filk
FilkCon 4.2 May 1983 Held in parallel with ConQuest 3
FilkCon 5.1 March 11-13, 1983 This was the first ConChord
FilkCon 5.2 July 1983 Held in parallel with OKON '83
March 2-4, 1984 Bay Filk II
1984 OVFF 1
FilkCon 7.1 March 1-3, 1985 Held in parallel with ConChord 2
FilkCon 9.2 1986 This is better known as OVFF 2

The N.1 and N.2 numbering system was invented by Margaret Middleton and was meant to reflect the Western and Estern filk conventions, but this rapidly broke down, with the "eastern" convention being in Kansas City and then Tulsa. The numbering scheme continued for a few more years, with 9.2 probably being the last.

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