(1) To Yearn

Originally (per FANCY II), a sort of vague, indeterminate yearning or tendency; sometimes the physical activity resulting therefrom. Over the years it has become less vague and more intense a reaction, to the point that cries of "Faunch! Faunch!" may be heard, indicating a high degree of desire for the subject of the reaction. The extreme form is Faunching Backwards.

(1) to desire, to want; to yearn for–with sexual overtones, “I have a serious faunch for Darryl Hannah“ or “I have a serious faunch for James Marsters”–or without, "We’ve got a serious faunch for chocolate."
(2) to hunt for, to acquire; "He's gone on the faunch for some bheer."

Contributors: Dr. Gafia

from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
A sort of vague, indeterminate yearning or tendency; sometimes, the physical activity resulting therefrom.

from Fancyclopedia 2 Supplement ca. 1960:
The curious history of this word in fandom deserves mention. "Faunch" first appeared in Pro-Phile in a review writ by Noel Loomis; he mentioned his "typewriter faunching at the platen while he finished reading a story". The word fascinated Boggs, who used it years later in a W03W letter; there it fascinated Grennell who used it in Grue and other places. The word actually refers to the way a horse champs at the bit, impatient to prance away as soon as the reins are loosened. This is known as faunching at the bit and was a common expression of yore. It has gone into obscurity, naturally, since the advent of the auto; fandom is probably one of the few places where it is still used.

(2) An Apazine by Walter Coslet

An apazine published by Walter Coslet for N'APA. It lasted for at least 6 issues.

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