Fantasy Fiction Field

(1) A Fanzine by Julius Unger

A mimeographed fanzine published by Julius Unger between late October 1940 and December 1945. This was a short weekly fanzine with 215 total issues. It was parodied in FAPA by Fantasy Faction Field. Early issues (at least numbers 3 and 4) were titled Fantasy Fiction Field News Weekly; Issues 5 through 7 (and possibly more) called themselves F.F.F. News Weekly, and 8 and 9 called themselves F.F.F. News Illustrated Weekly. These early issues mostly carried variants of the claim "It covers the entire field" {Anyone know when that stopped?} Later issues used a simple typed header saying Fantasy Fiction Field Illustrated Newsweekly.

Most issues seem to have been 4 pages long, but many issues were longer and many were just two pages. Like Fantasy Times, it was focused on the prozines, frequently publishing black-and-white photograph of the cover of a forthcoming magazine or, sometimes, of some well-known fan: these photographs started with one of James V. Taurasi in issue #9, Dec 28, 1940 (issue 8 was dated Dec 14, 1940 — Unger appears to have taken Christmas off in the first year). The aim of the fanzine was to be a fannish newspaper — as such, it contained mostly news about fans and about the prozines, but also advertisements (frequently Unger's sales lists and want lists) and the occasional article. It also included excerpts of Langley Searles' bibliographic works, published a few pages at a time. Since it was published during WWII, some of the news concerned what fans were doing for the war effort: Vol 5 #6 includes a 5-page letter from Forrest J Ackerman just after he was called up to serve.

By the end of the War, there had been over 200 issues. Perhaps this had exhausted Unger — he soon gafiated so completely that he gave away his own file copies. In 1963, he teamed up with Harvey Inman to revive the fanzine, but died soon after the first issue of the new series was published. Inman continued the fanzine for a few more months, but then it died a second and final time.

(2) Julius Unger's Publishing House.

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