The irregularly convened FanHistoriCon is the convention/formal meeting of the Timebinders, fandom's fanhistorical and preservationist society, and has run since 1994. Conceived by Peggy Rae Pavlat, Joe Siclari and Bruce Pelz, FanHistoriCon is typically held in conjunction with another con. (IA) Photos from the 1994 and 1998 conventions

Number Date Location Organizers Notes
1 May 1994 Hagerstown, MD Peggy Rae Pavlat, Joe Siclari & Bruce Pelz Held following Corflu 11 (which was in Crystal City, VA). Dick Lynch arranged several field trips to Harry Warner, Jr.'s house
2 Dec 1-4 1994 Held as part of Smofcon 11 in Burbank, CA Bruce Pelz
3 June 1995 Held as part of Midwestcon 46 in Cincinnati Dick & Leah Smith
4 Jan 1996 Held as part of Tropicon 14 in Florida Joe Siclari
5 March 1996 Held as part of Minicon 31 in Bloomington, MN Joyce Scrivner
6 Feb 14-16 1997 Held as part of Boskone 32 in Framingham, MA Joe Siclari Rob Hansen was a "Special Speaker," imported by a special FanHistoriCon Fan Fund
7 Jul 3-6 1997 Held as part of Westercon 50 in Seattle Don Glover, the younger
8 Aug 1998 Held as part of Bucconeer in Baltimore Laurie Mann, Joyce Scrivner, Mary Tabasko, Randy Smith, Ann Catelli Gary Farber suggested we put together the "Fannish Office through the Years" as a Worldcon exhibit, and so, we did.
9 June 26 1999 Held as part of Midwestcon 50 in the Cincinnati area. Roger (who had heart surgery right after Midwestcon) & Pat Sims & Joe Siclari (both of whom seemed fine, thanks!) Website
9.5 Aug 1999 Held at Aussiecon 3 in Melbourne Joyce Scrivner
10 Nov 2000 Held at Tropicon 19 in Florida Joe Siclari and Edie Stern Dave Langford was the FanHistoricon Special Speaker imported from England by the second FanHistoricon Fan Fund.
10.5 Aug 2001 Held at Millennium Philcon Priscilla Olson
11 Oct 12-14 2001 Held as part of ditto 14 in Bloomington, IL Dick & Leah Zeldes Smith The con was held in Bob Tucker's hometown. Jack Speer was brought to the con courtesy of the Don Ford Fund
12 June 14-16 2002 Held as part of DeepSouthCon 40 in Huntsville, AL Tom Feller, Naomi Fisher
13 April 29-May 1 2016 Held as part of Ravencon 11 in Williamsburg, VA Warren Buff