F. M. Busby

(March 11, 1921 - February 17, 2005)

Francis Marion "Buz" Busby was a fan, fanzine editor, con-runner and professional writer. He was born in Indianapolis, but moved early to Seattle where he spent the rest of his life. His mundane career was as a communications engineer with the Army's Alascom. He was married to fellow fan Elinor Busby.

He was FGoH at Iguanacon, the 1978 Worldcon.

He was a member of the Cry Crowd and The Nameless Ones (President twice), and chaired Westercon 12. He was on the committee for the 1959 Westercon and Seacon.

In 1960 he and Elinor won the 1960 Best Fanzine Hugo for Cry of the Nameless, and they were nominees for the 1959 Best Fanzine Hugo and 1962 Best Fanzine Hugo.
Fanzines included Polarity and his fapazines, Re-Entry and Sercon's Bane. He published Retro for SAPS and served as OE. He published No Place for N'APA. Other apas included SAPA, IPSO, The Cult, and APA X. He also published The Goon Goes West, John Berry's 1959 trip report.

He began writing short fiction in 1957, but did not turn to novels until the 70s, a good deal of his novel work being space-opera. He wrote nineteen published novels and numerous short stories between 1973 and 1996. From 1974 to 1976 he was VP of SFWA. His professional papers are at the Eaton Collection. He was a member of the N3F.

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