Eleanora Sabin

Elenora Rose Sabin is an author of SF and fantasy novels for adults and young adults, the most notable being A School for Sorcery, which is set in an invented world in a country called Arucadi.

This novel in manuscript form in 1992 won the Andre Norton Gryphon Award for the best unpublished manuscript by a new woman fantasy writer.

Her other works include A Perilous Power, the prequel to A School for Sorcery, and When the Beast Ravens, the sequel to A School for Sorcery, all published in hardcover by Tor and in trade paperback by Starscape Books. An adult science fiction novel titled Shadow of a Demon is published in ebook format and as a trade paperback by Double Dragon Publishing.

She writes as E. Rose Sabin, and lives in Pinellas County, Florida, with her three dogs.

Awards, Honors and GoHships: