Eaton Award

The J. Lloyd Eaton Memorial Award is given each year to honor the memory of the late Dr. J. Lloyd Eaton, a San Francisco physician and SF fan.

Dr. Eaton's SF collection forms the basis of the largest publicly-accessible library of genre literature, housed at the Rivera Library, University of California, Riverside.

The Eaton Award, chosen by a panel of judges consisting of members of the annual J. Lloyd Eaton Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, is given to the author of the best non-fiction work in fantastic literature published two years prior to the year in which the award is given.

Beginning in 1988, occasional special lifetime achievement awards are also given.

The first recipient of the Eaton Award was Paul A. Carter for his book The Creation of Tomorrow (1976/1977).

Ursula K. Le Guin was the winner of the Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award for 2012.

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