A fanzine published by Virginia Kidd under the name Virginia K. E. Blish. It was distributed through both FAPA and VAPA, with a dual cover: "If this appears in (FAPA)", it's name is Frappé and it will not be *discontinued*". If you rotate the cover, the other direction says "If, to reverse the possibilities, this publication is circulated in a Vanguard (VAPA) mailing, its cover serves to announce that Discrete is …" *discontinued*. The running headline on inside pages is "Frappé", so it's clear that the intent was for this to be Frappé #1, and is a successor to Discrete. However, we list it here as well.

Issue Date Pages Notes
1 July 1947 12 Primarily reviews of 25 fanzines. 1 book review; 3 poems

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