DeepSouthCon 6

DeepSouthCon 6 was held August 23-25, 1968 in New Orleans, LA. It was chaired by Don Markstein, Rick Norwood. There were 73 attendees. The GoH was Daniel F. Galouye. (This was the first time DSC had a GoH.

See Return With Us Now -- 1968 for some reminiscences by Dean Sweatman.

Long overdue con report at Return With Us Now 1968

DSC 6 August 23-25, 1968 New Orleans LA

GOH Dan Galouye

Chair Rick Norwood
Vice-Chair Don Markstein
Sec/Tre John Guidry
NOSFA President Don Walsh
NOSFA Veep Doug Wirth
Editor of NOLAZine Pat Adkins
Films Justin Winston
Artist in Exile Stan Taylor

Craig Shukas
Bill Bruce
George Petrie
Joel Penton
Pete Bezbak
Janice A Cullum
Dennis Heron
Dean Sweatman

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