Dave Rike

(1935 — November 1, 2014)

A Bay Area fan artist, Dave Rike, also known as DaV, was one of the ACC (Adolescent California Crowd) and later the Berkeley Bhoys was an important member of 1950s fandom.

With Terry Carr, he co-edited the original issue of Innuendo in 1956 and worked on The Incompleat Burbee, an important collection of fan writing published in 1958 as Charles Burbee’s birthday present. He was one of the fan artists who helped popularize Ray Nelson's iconic image of a fan wearing a propeller beanie. He was a founder of the Golden Gate Futurians.

He was also one of the Bay Area fans responsible for the mythic Bheer Can Tower to the Moon (along with Terry Carr and Bob Stewart), which can be read about in Mimosa #15. He was also one of the creators of Carl Brandon.

He was politically a Leftie but at the height of the Cold War he applied for a position that required an investigation by Army Intelligence. In A Wealth of Fable, Harry Warner describes the chaos that spread throughout fandom as they did their background check.

Fanzines also included Califan, Lingam and RUR. He published Dolor with Carl Brandon, Ron Ellik, and Terry Carr. He was a member of The Cult including a time as Official Arbiter.