Dave Duncan

(Are you looking for David Duncan the American pro writer and screenwriter?)

(1933 — October 29, 2018)

David Duncan is a Scottish Canadian SF and fantasy author. He was born in Scotland, and educated there at the High School of Dundee and at the University of St Andrews. After graduating in 1955 he moved to Canada where he lived in Calgary, Alberta, and is currently situated on Vancouver Island in Victoria, British Columbia. Professionally, he was a petroleum geologist. He has been married since 1959 to Janet Duncan, and currently has one son, two daughters, and four grandchildren.

He started writing fantasy novels in 1984 and made his first sale (A Rose Red City) in 1986, at which point he switched to full-time writing. Although Duncan usually writes under his own name, he has written as Ken Hood and also used the female pseudonym of Sarah B. Franklin. He has published several genre series and also a dozen standalone novels.

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