Darrell C. Richardson

(May 17, 1918 — Sept 19, 2006)

Richardson, who lived most of his life in Kentucky and Tennessee, was particularly known for his extensive collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and owned more than 30,000 books and 20,000 pulp magazines. He was active in Cincinnati fandom in the 40s before serving in Germany in the army. After the war he was one of the earliest members of the CFG. He was an American Baptist minister, bibliographer and author of 44 books. The Richardson Indexes (including An Index of the Works of Various Fantasy Authors) were given out thru the N3F until about 1950.

He was FGoH at MidSouthCon 7. He won the Phoenix Award at DeepSouthCon 33, and was a member of First Fandom, winner of the Lamont Award in 1985 at Pulpcon 14, and won the Big Heart Award in 1982.

He published The Fabulous Faust Fanzine.

He served as Director of the N3F and was one of the founders of the Memphis Science Fiction Association. The Darrell Awards are named in his honor. His best known work, Max Brand: The Man and His Work, was published by Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc. in 1952.

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