Eastercon 6, Cytricon, was held in Kettering, UK over Easter 1955. There was no GoH. The committee was Bill Panter, Danny Cowen, Joe Ayres, Al Lee, and Stuart Mackenzie.

While this was the second Easter Eastercon, it was the first one to be called Eastercon. (The 1944 Eastercon which was held on Easter was an Eastercon and doesn't count!)

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There were three other early Cytricons: Cytricon II, Cytricon III, and Cytricon IV as well as a small (non-Eastercon) Cytricon V in 2008.

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from Fancyclopedia 2 ca. 1959
Any of the conventions at Kettering, England: 1955, '56, '58. From Cytri, the Roman name for the place.

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