Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award

An sf award which is presented each year at Readercon. It is named after Cordwainer Smith and his The Rediscovery of Man, and is intended to honor work deserving of renewed interest. It is given by the Cordwainer Smith Foundation, which was created by the author's daughters, and the judging panel each year is made up of experienced authors, editors, and critics.

Year Winner
2001 Olaf Stapledon
2002 R. A. Lafferty
2003 Edgar Pangborn
2004 Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore
2005 Leigh Brackett
2006 William Hope Hodgson
2007 Daniel F. Galouye
2008 Stanley G. Weinbaum
2009 A. Merritt
2010 Mark Clifton
2011 Katherine MacLean
2012 Fredric Brown
2013 Wyman Guin
2014 Mildred Clingerman
2015 Clark Ashton Smith
2016 Judith Merril
2017 Seabury Quinn
2018 Frank M. Robinson {$files} {$year} {$start} {$end}