Conrad H. Ruppert

(November 12, 1912 — August 28, 1997)

Conrad H. "Connie" Ruppert became a SF fan at age 10 when he was confined to bed with rheumatic fever and was given Gernsback’s Science and Invention to read. He began reading every issue, and at age 12 applied for a card that made him a Science and Invention reporter.

During 1929-1930, while studying engineering at Indiana’s Tri State College, he maintained an active correspondence with Raymond Palmer and Walter Dennis. In 1930 Gernsback gave him a prize for his contributions to SF.

Ruppert bought a small hand press in the early 1930s and began printing The Time Traveller for its editor Allen Glasser (with the third issue, dated March 1932). During 1932-1935 Ruppert produced some of the finest periodicals in SF. He also published Fantasy Magazine with Julius Schwartz.

After attending Nycon 1, he dropped out of fandom during WW II, but returned fifty years later. During the last five years of his life he corresponded once again with long-time friends and attended conventions. In 1994 he received the Raymond Z. Gallun Award.

He was a member of First Fandom.